We assist clients who have suffered a loss navigate through the maze of estate administration. For a grieving family member, the probate process is often overwhelming. With the knowledge gleaned from years of experience in estate administration, we will guide you through the complex process of settling an estate or maintaining a conservatorship.

We strive to bring peace of mind to our clients during this difficult time through personalized professional service. We will assist you by clarifying confusing legal documents, explaining the probate process, identifying and classifying assets, preparing the required documents for the Commissioner of Accounts, filing the required tax returns, and acting as an intermediary between you and the various taxing authorities.    

If you are struggling with the probate process and need professional help, we will be glad to meet with you to discuss your situation and evaluate how we can be of service.

Please provide the following documents at the initial consultation.

  • A copy of the death certificate.
  • A copy of the will that was probated and accepted by the court.
  • A copy of the Power of Appointment from the Circuit Court.
  • A copy of the previous year?s Individual Tax Returns for Federal and State.
  • A copy of any trust documents.
  • The estate EIN notice if the number has been previously assigned.
  • A copy of the Inventory approved and recorded by the Circuit Court if previously filed.
  • A copy of any Fiduciary Income Tax Returns previously filed.


If you have qualified as an executor, administrator, or conservator and would like professional assistance, please contact us to schedule a consultation.